Skincare foundry recommendation - 6 key points you must know when choosing a skincare foundry


The skin care product market is large, and it is used almost every day by men, women and children, and it is one of the popular industries that many entrepreneurs will choose. There are two types of foundry methods: OEM and ODM. No matter what kind of demand you have, it is not easy to choose a good foundry among many skin care product foundries. The following 6 key points are recommended, so that you can quickly and accurately find the best Suitable skin care products foundry.

Types of skin care products-OEM and ODM


Original Equipment Manufacturer

Original Design Manufacturer

ODM skin care product OEM is recommended to people who start new businesses, who don’t know much about skin care ingredients and packaging materials.The skin care product foundry will provide packaging material bottler selection, formula design, and main ingredient raw material recommendations.Tailor the most suitable foundry products to your target market, channel needs, sales group and budget

6 key points recommended by skin care foundries

Key 1: Rich production experience

I recommend you to see if this skin care product OEM has a lot of experience in skin care product production. Is there a case description you need? You can ask whether the foundry has an experienced R&D team. Being professional enough can avoid the risk of making mistakes. Compared with individuals, team brainstorming can be more intelligent and provide unique and creative solutions for each customer.

Key 2: One-stop service

See if this skin care product foundry has one-stop service for foundry. From manufacturing, filling, packaging, disinfection, quality control inspection, export and other processes. In addition to the foundries with integrated services, you don’t have to be exhausted, The price is also cheaper than that of the outsourcing factory, and the quality is more stable. It is recommended that you choose skin care products and OEM recommends you to take a walk in the factory. See if the foundry has complete experimental equipment and instruments. A good foundry will have a detailed division of labor. The inspection of incoming raw materials, semi-finished products, and finished products will be checked at various levels.

Key 3: A skin care product foundry that has been in business for many years

See if this skin care product OEM has a company number and a factory, Is it a skin care product OEM company for many years, It is recommended to find a skin care product foundry that has been in business for many years. The more experienced, the more reassuring. See whether the company’s departmental organization is sound, and whether the cooperating departments required to produce products are complete, Enough manpower can control the quality in all aspects. Don’t save a little money. Finding inferior OEMs sacrificed product quality and affected the brand's lifeline.

Key 4: Is the communication smooth?

Assess this skin care product foundry in the planning stage, is it up to you to think about the product production plan from your standpoint? And give the best OEM recommendations for skin care products. Experienced OEMs will be able to do more than you think. If you need to have professional skin care product formulators to help you with formula development, product testing, skin care product evaluation, And process engineers assist in quality tracking and control, formula stability testing, skin care product regulatory consultation and other services, It is recommended that you find a skin care product foundry that has a common frequency concept with you. Effective communication is a very important thing, which can save you more time.

Key point 5: Is the price and charge reasonable and clear?

Price is usually the key to the success or failure of an OEM case. It is recommended to see if this skin care product OEM has a clear pricing method. Will not exceed the price budget in implementation, for example: proofing fee? Minimum order quantity? Security testing fee? Even if the cost of raw materials will rise and fall, you can still give a reference in the quotation and give a stable and reasonable quotation method.

Key point 6: The recommended maintenance products foundry must meet the following specifications

When selecting a maintenance product foundry, it is recommended to ask whether the foundry meets the two most basic specifications: Cosmetic manufacturing factory establishment standards, cosmetics Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP); if the foundry has ISO international certification: ISO 9001 quality management system, ISO 22716 good manufacturing practices for cosmetics, it will be even more divided!

Standards for setting up cosmetics manufacturing plants

The establishment standards of cosmetics manufacturing factories are domestic regulations on the environment and equipment. There are clear standards in the manufacturing area, packaging area, storage area and other related areas of the site. It is necessary to comply with public health and safety, as well as the standard equipment that a professional manufacturing site should have. It is recommended to ask before choosing a maintenance product foundry.

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) for Cosmetics

GMP is currently the most rigorous standard globally recognized, which can reduce human errors that may occur during product manufacturing.Strictly control various conditions such as hygiene, safety and quality during cosmetics manufacturing to ensure the stability of product quality. GMP is the most basic specification for skin care product OEMs, and skin care product OEMs recommend compliance with this certification.

ISO 9001 Quality Management System

The ISO 9001 quality management system is used to review the products and services provided by the maintenance products foundry. It establishes a set of operating procedures in terms of customer orientation, leadership control, full participation, process methods, organizational situations, continuous improvement, and factual decision-making. This certified skin care product foundry represents a systematic company that can provide customers with higher quality assurance. ISO 9001 is an international standard, and ISO skin care product foundries are recommended first!

ISO 22716 Good Manufacturing Practice for Cosmetics

ISO 22716 Good Manufacturing Practice for Cosmetics is an international standard for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for cosmetics. It uses a management system to monitor the production, control, storage and shipment of skin care products. If you want to export skin care products to foreign markets, you must pay special attention to maintenance. Whether the foundry meets the ISO 22716 standard, it is more trustworthy to comply with this standard.


In conclusion

Whether it is OEM or ODM, it is a very important decision to produce a large number of skin care products. Everyone will hope to find a reasonable price and good quality skin care product OEM, and skin care products are essential products close to life. The government has Safety, inspection control, and packaging labeling all have clear regulations and specifications. It is recommended to find a foundry that will take care of you, and can provide more intimate professional opinions, so that you can save a lot of trouble, maintain communication before foundry, and be fully prepared. In order to reduce errors after production, we are an experienced maintenance product OEM that has been operating for many years. Our service philosophy: emphasizes quality, communicates, and speaks credibility. It is a maintenance product OEM expert who provides complete after-sales service. If there is a need for OEM services , Please contact us.